Vegan Recipe

Spinach & Artchoke Dip


-2 cups raw cashews (soak for 2 hrs) -4 tablespoons nutritional yeast -1 teaspoon garlic powder -1 teaspoon onion powder -1 teaspoon salt -1 cup almond milk -16 oz frozen spinach  -1 15oz can artichoke hearts

Rinse and drain the soaked cashews. Place them in a food processor

Add nutritional yeast, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and almond milk.

Blend until very smooth.

- Stir frozen spinach over medium heat until the spinach has evenly thawed.  - Add artichoke hearts.  - Stir until all liquid has evaporated. 

Pour in cashew cream.   Stir well to combine.

Heat the dip thoroughly. When it starts to bubble, remove it from heat.


for a thicker dip, add 2 tbsp of cornflour while the dip is still over the stovetop and mix well to combine.

Enjoy with crusty bread, crackers or veggie sticks. 

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