Tips for Make Ahead Picnic Salads That Travel Well

Too often, the salad is considered a delicate dish, not able to go the distance or withstand the heat. Sometimes it is relegated into the realms of merely a side dish or worse, a token garnish.

Sure, many salads need to be consumed straight away for fear of slimy lettuce languishing in a pool of vinaigrette or brown avocado.

These simple picnic salad tips will help you navigate a world where salads not only rule the picnic feast, some mature like fine wine, becoming more delicious with time like this Asian coleslaw.


Tips for Salads That Travel Well

Choose Your Greens Wisely Choose salad greens that don’t have to be added at the last minute for fear of perishing against other ingredients.


Choose Your Vegetables Wisely

Raw marinated zucchini ribbons actually make the perfect foundation for a great make-ahead salad.


Add Blanched Salad Veg

Vegetables such as broccoli, beans and peas are a great addition to a salad when quickly blanched and chilled and don’t mind a soak in a good dressing.


Choose a Hardy Salad Foundation

Not all salads have to be built on luscious leaves. Go for grain salads such as quinoa, farro, rice or bulgar.


Dress for Success

Stick with vinaigrette style dressings and put the required spin on it by adding fresh herbs and spices.

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