Summer Picnic Sandwich Recipes

Sandwiches are the ultimate portable food and an intrinsic part of picnic history. Whether a simple sandwich or a gourmet sandwich spread, sandwiches are one of the most versatile picnic foods.

We’ve got some delicious summer sandwich recipes to get you going.

Get out and enjoy the gorgeous weather with these summer sandwich recipes for your next picnic or beach day.


Fig and Chicken Baguette Sandwich

This sandwich will hold its own in the soggy stakes, looking fresh and elegant every time—a gorgeous sandwich contender for a romantic picnic menu.


20 Chicken Sandwich Recipes for a Summer Picnic

We've got 20 chicken sandwich recipes to ignite your picnic imagination for your summer alfresco season.


Bagels with Roasted Beets And Parmesan Pea Spread

This bagel filling idea is a definite nod to the seasons produce and uses ingredients that are so versatile.


Fig, Goats Cheese And Prosciutto Baguette Sandwich

This prosciutto baguette relies on only a few quality ingredients, yet it stands out for flavor and longevity in the picnic basket.


Roast Beef Sandwich with Slow Roasted Tomatoes

A well-made roast beef sandwich can be a thing of magic. A perfectly rare roast beef sandwich is a thing of beauty.

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