Romantic Picnic

Planning a romantic alfresco date for two and need picnic date food ideas or romantic inspiration to set the scene?

These picnic ideas for couples will have you reaching for the picnic basket and planning a romantic picnic for two.

We give you all the tips for planning a perfect romantic picnic here.


Tips for a Romantic Picnic

Planning a Romantic Picnic Menu As with all our picnic tips, portable food is the key to any picnic.


Choose Your Picnic Spot

Choosing a romantic picnic spot shouldn’t be too hard. However, you want to make sure you don’t select a place that is so crowded or noisy; the romance is lost in the chaos.


Set the Scene

A low foldable boho-style picnic table is a great start to creating a dreamy picnic setting.


What to Bring on a Picnic Date

These picnic ideas for couples will help you plan the most romantic alfresco dates.

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