Creative Beach Picnic Ideas to Elevate Your Summer

Whether you’re planning a long day at the beach and need sustenance or have a dedicated picnic in mind, these beach picnic ideas have you covered.

There is nothing better than a picnic on the beach, whether a romantic sunset picnic or a friends and family picnic day by the sea.

These beach picnic set up ideas will ensure your picnic beach days are perfect every time.


Essential Beach Picnic Gear

Without sounding like you must invest in a whole new picnic setup, some bits of picnic kit will help create memorable and stress-free beach picnics.


Choose the Right Picnic Basket

Insulated Picnic Baskets If you want a traditional picnic basket (perfect for a romantic picnic on the beach), an insulated version is a great investment.


Pack a Quality Picnic Blanket

It determines our piece of picnic real estate, acts as a tablecloth and place to relax, and keeps our picnic spread free from sand.


Shade & Wind Protection

No matter where you choose to picnic, shade is always a welcome addition to your picnic setting. It’s not just about sun protection at the beach, but a good shade helps to keep both you and your food cool.


How to Pack Your Picnic

One of the biggest considerations of packing for a beach picnic is keeping food and drinks cool and preventing food from getting squished or soggy.

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