Pear & Fennel Tart

With Ricotta & Blue Cheese

Super Simple Ingredients

- Frozen Puff Pastry - Ricotta - Blue Cheese - Fennel

- Pears - Egg wash - Salt - Thyme

Prepare the tart base

 Roll out the pastry and spread the ricotta over the pastry leaving a 1-inch border to fold in and score to create the flaky crust. 

Prepare the tart base

Sprinkle with fresh thyme, about a third of the finely chopped fennel and crumble with blue cheese. Leave some blue cheese & thyme for garnish. 

Layer the pears & Fennel

Layer the slices of pear over the ricotta mixing the remaining fennel in with the pear layers. Brush the outer crust edge with egg wash.

How to Bake

Bake at approx 400°F / 200°C for 20-30 mins until the pastry is crispy and pears soft. See recipe for more baking tips. 

Garnish & Serve

Garnish with crumbles of the remaining blue cheese, fresh thyme and a sprinkle of sea salt. Serve hot or cold - Enjoy!


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