How to Keep Sandwiches From Getting Soggy

Picnics and sandwiches go hand in hand. After all, there is nothing more portable than your favourite fillings between bread.

However, one of the greatest picnic conundrums is how to prevent sandwiches from getting soggy.

These are just some of our great picnic tips to help keep your sandwiches fresh and avoid soggy sandwich syndrome, no matter what style of picnic sandwich you favour.


How to Stop Sandwiches Going Soggy

Make Your Sandwich at the Last Possible Moment. The least amount of time your sandwich is a sandwich, the better.


Construct Your Sandwiches In Situ When You are Ready to Eat

Put out platters and containers of fillings with your bread of choice and let everyone DIY their own sandwich.


Choose The Right Bread

Choosing robust bread over traditional store-bought sliced bread will help sandwiches stand up to some transit time without becoming soggy.


Toast the Bread

Drying the bread through toasting will help prevent any sogginess and give your sandwich a different spin with a crisp texture.


Forget Bread All Together

There are other ways to bundle your favourite sandwich fillings into a portable meal.

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