How To

Keep Food Warm for a Picnic

First - Understand

Safe Food Temperatures

– Picnic Lifestyle


As a Guidline For hot foods, the safe temperature is above 140 ℉ | 60 ℃. Food should not be left out for longer than 2 hours. 

Use Insulated Picnic Backpacks

Or an Insulated Picnic Basket

Insulated picnic baskets are becoming the al fresco hamper of choice and they don't have to be the classic wicker type either.  

Use Insulated Casserole Carriers & Lasagna Luggers

Add Heat Packs to Insulated Bags

Heat packs added to insulated bags or wrapped around food containers are cheap and one of the most effective ways to keep food warm for a picnic

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Use Insulated Food Containers

Drink & Food Thermos

Thermal Bento Boxes

Thermal Food Bowls & Containers

Heat Food At the Last Minute

So Food Isn't Left Sitting for Too Long


Tips & ideas for cold weather picnic success

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