Essential Tips for Picnic Perfection

There is a lot to be said for the simple pleasure of a picnic. But it is the simplicity of the picnic where so many get it wrong.

Whether it’s a beach picnic, your fave al fresco dining location, the back yard, or even a rainy day picnic indoors – There are so many ways to enjoy a picnic, just don’t overcomplicate it.

These savvy tips will up your picnic game and help simplify any of your al fresco dining endeavours.


Essential Tips for a Picnic 

Keep it Simple Streamline Your Kit One of the biggest picnic mistakes is overpacking.


Pack Your Food Properly

Ensure your food is packed so it won’t spoil or squash.


Keep Food Cold

If food needs to be kept cool but you want to cut down on bulk and weight, put some small water bottles in the freezer a few hours before leaving.


Keep Picnic Food Warm or Hot

The same goes for keeping food hot or warm. Not all hot picnic food is bbq and a winter picnic on a sunny day is always a lovely idea.


Prevent Food From Being Squashed

A chopping board placed in the bottom of a cooler tote will give the bag structure.

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