Creative Ideas for Sandwiches Without Bread

We have loads of creative, no bread sandwich ideas for your next picnic.

Jazz up your picnic sandwich routine with some delightfully delicious sandwiches that don’t need bread to make the cut.

Get ready to ditch the bread and get creative with these no bread sandwich ideas for your next picnic.


Collard Green Wraps with Sweet Potato

Collard Green Wraps filled with sweet potato and quinoa make a colourful and tasty light picnic lunch.


Keto Grilled Cheese With Cauliflower Bread (5 Ingredients)

Put a new low carb bread free spin on the cheese toastie with these low carb cauliflower bread grilled cheese sandwiches.


Cucumber Sandwich Subs

This cucumber sub recipe is quick, simple, and easy to customise to suit your sandwich filling desire.


Raw Veggie Wraps with Avocado

These raw veggie wraps with avocado are a healthy and delicious alternative to the traditional sandwich.


Low Carb Lettuce Wraps with Turkey And Roasted Peppers

Swap turkey for ham or roast beef slices or stay with cheese slices for a veggie option. Wrap in paper and pack as you would a regular wrap.

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